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Your website is amongst 1,518,207,412 other sites across the web. Findlay website design and development services along with SEO by Tolento Group increases the visibility of your business. This is done by utilizing a comprehensive strategy. The demand for professional, clean and speedy websites in Findlay, OH is growing. The largest competitors in an industry are often accompanied by a website with a great user experience (UX).

Start ups and Small businesses often turn to self website builders later to find out that the end product is not up to par, lacks speed and missing functionality. At Tolento Group we build websites with WordPress which is a highly customizable content management system (CMS). The massive library of applications allows for the integration of many tools and systems to run a professional website.

With over 3o years of combined experience, Tolento Group has become a top WordPress website developer in the Greater Phoenix Area in Arizona. We also maintain a physical presence in Findlay, Ohio giving us the privilege of meeting business owners and leaders in person.

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How long does it take?

The time that it takes to construct a website depends on a few factors including: the number of pages, amount of content and need for additional integration. Small businesses in Findlay, OH seeking a simple website under 10 pages can expect a time-frame to completion between 2-3 weeks. The time-frame for customers requiring a higher level of website development will vary based on how much development time is needed.

Our Unique Non-Compete

We believe in relationship over revenue and treat our customer’s businesses as our own. With that said, Tolento Group understands how easily a conflict of interest may arise. We offer a one-of-a-kind non-compete clause for Findlay brick and mortar customers who receive marketing services for more than 3 consecutive months. This includes a defined radius around the business and other earned credits. Contact us today for details.

The Process

Launching a website design or website development project with Tolento Group will give a Findlay business the opportunity to collaborate with expert WordPress developers. We are highly experienced in working with businesses of all knowledge levels including those who know very little about computers and websites. Communication is very important to us and discussions will be broken down to be understood by laypersons. The first step in the process is to compile a list of pages and basic functionality needed for the new website. Once this information is gathered a detailed estimate will be provided before moving forward. When the quote is approved we will begin the process and provide visual updates throughout the design and development phases.

Included with every project

  • Website Security
  • Social media integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Basic Optimization


How much will it cost?

The developers at Tolento Group have years of experience in website development and search engine optimization. It is our ambition to help small businesses improve their online appearance and help them grow.  The cost for a website depends on many factors which is often in control of the customer. This includes: the number of pages, content writing, image selection and graphic design.

The cost to build a website for a Findlay business with SEO optimized content will vary based on the criteria above. We invite you to contact us for an estimate and will be more than willing to try and work with any budget that you may have.

Does Tolento Group offer hosting?

Yes, We offer hosting at Our hosting products are linked to Godaddy servers and are offered at discounted prices.

Will I own the website after it is completed?

Yes, You will officially own the website once your project has been completed and the final balance paid. Tolento Group is know for our transparency. If you own a business in Findlay and need a website designed we recommend that you always know the answer to this question before working with a website developer.

I am not computer savvy but I need a website, can Tolento Group work with me?

Yes. If you own a business in Findlay and need a website designed and have not knowledge of computers, Tolento Group can help. We cater to business owners who have little to no knowledge of online presence.

What platforms can I get help with?

Currently we only work with WordPress websites.

How can I accept Crypto payments on my website?

Tolento Group offers multiple solutions for accepting Cryptocurrencies on WooCommerce. Setup is fast and simple.

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Joshua Tolento

Lead Developer / Owner

Skyler McAllister

Graphic Designer

Jacob Tolento

Front End Developer

Mission Statement:

It is our priority to provide honest, professional and quality services to every customer. We strive to make the experience with Tolento Group better than any other company and to prove our dedication through our work. While working with us, one can expect a transparent process with accurate and truthful information during the entirety of the project. It is through the success of our customers that have lead us to the successful growth of our agency and it will remain our priority for time to come.